Table 6: Voting Results on the Relative Importance of the Action

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9: (6 Votes) State Wide Communication - Bulletin Board and FAQs/Establish State Wide Communication by Bulletin Board and FAQs, and similar online tools (Jeff Flynn [gratefulalways])

3: (5 Votes) Identify targeted 'specialists' from the statewide group of AT people, to address specific issues such as PD, Data, exploring other models of service, communication strategies, etc. (Kindy Segovia)

15: (5 Votes) Study, collect data and modify existing models to create a coordinated communication system of AT throughout the state (Ruggero Dozzi)

16: (5 Votes) Create UDL and AT standards based on data to create professional development (Ruggero Dozzi)

2: (4 Votes) Develop a model of content for use with preservice teachers (Kindy Segovia)

6: (4 Votes) Establish regular state-wide AT mtgs (Gayle Underwood)

25: (4 Votes) State supported pilot project related to data collection system and A.T.. (Chris Salo)

27: (4 Votes) Articulate a vision and mission for MITS (Jeff Flynn [gratefulalways])

28: (4 Votes) Establish State-Wide Data Collection and Sharing (Jeff Flynn [gratefulalways])

4: (3 Votes) Integrate local AT staff into local Technology and Curriculum committees (Kindy Segovia)

5: (3 Votes) Develop a procedure to educate local staff and provide them time to work on implementation of AT and UDL in their classrooms. (Jared Koski)

12: (3 Votes) General Education and Special Education collaborate at district and regional leves to provide training in A.T. (Chris Salo)

14: (3 Votes) Create a set of standards for teachers regarding their knowledge of universal design and assistive technology, disseminate it and recommend employing individuals that possess these skills (Ruggero Dozzi)

36: (2 Votes) Develop regional teams dedicated to producing information and collaborating with the other regions to provide a cohesive statewide delivery model for AT and UDL. (Jared Koski)

37: (2 Votes) Develop a team that will research what other states are and have been doing with regards to a statewide delivery model and communication system. (Jared Koski)

39: (2 Votes) A multi-disciplinary planning team should be constructed to develop a statewide communication system and delivery model (Jared Koski)

40: (2 Votes) Develop standards/task list for AT professionals (Megan Zell)

10: (1 Votes) Colaborate with the right players for data collecting (Gayle Underwood)

11: (1 Votes) Research other effective service delivery models (Luanne Peterson)

18: (1 Votes) Generate statewide guidelines for assistive technology (Esther Fintushel)

19: (1 Votes) Develop model policies and procedures at state level (Chris Salo)

21: (1 Votes) Provide a series of easily accessible webinar trainings (Dawn Jones)

22: (1 Votes) Develop AT training modules (Chris Salo)

29: (1 Votes) Local AT person needs to rub elbows with Special Ed Director (Gayle Underwood)

34: (1 Votes) Research impact of teaching training on implementation (Dawn Jones)

41: (1 Votes) Determine statewide assistive technology day (Megan Zell)

1: (0 Votes) State Wide web site to access information on Assistive Technology (Janet Rievert)

7: (0 Votes) Each Region to study and revise other States' guidelines (Sara Menzel)

8: (0 Votes) AT people need to learn about DATA (Gayle Underwood)

13: (0 Votes) Post links to all Regions websites, wikis, and blogs (Sara Menzel)

17: (0 Votes) Generate AT data collection worksheets (Esther Fintushel)

20: (0 Votes) database for AT professionals (Esther Fintushel)

23: (0 Votes) Require some type of documentation (brief list of tasks or condensed SETT ) for borrowing from lending library (Sara Menzel)

24: (0 Votes) Continue and enhance yearly state wide conference (Dawn Jones)

26: (0 Votes) Conduct surveys to determine the current numbers of knowledgeable staff that are able to implement tech daily to establish a baseline (Luanne Peterson)

30: (0 Votes) Review Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association Guidelines for AT (Sara Menzel)

31: (0 Votes) Incorporate Quality Indicators in State guidelines (Sara Menzel)

32: (0 Votes) AT needs to be represented at different conferences (Gayle Underwood)

33: (0 Votes) Make Quality Indicators more user friendly (Gayle Underwood)

35: (0 Votes) Research Current State of AT offerings in Teacher Preparation (Dawn Jones)

38: (0 Votes) Teacher preparation for AT (Cynthia Okolo)

42: (0 Votes) Establish data analysis teams (Megan Zell)

43: (0 Votes) Identify model classrooms/teachers throughout the state (Megan Zell)

44: (0 Votes) Recommend employing individuals that possess skills in universal design and assistive technology. (Ruggero Dozzi)

Total Votes Cast: 70