Round 2: Study contributions, Request clarification and add more contributions.

After all the contributions and their explanations are entered in the Webscope wiki by the AUTHORS, the KMT/FT will prepare and e-mail to you Table 5 asking you to read it carefully and pose questions for clarification of meaning to the authors of specific contributions.

If you do not understand the meaning of a statement proposed by a member of your group, this is your opportunity to ask questions for clarification of meaning.

Participants study each other's contibutions as they are recorded in the wiki and the preliminary Table 5. Each participant can use an idea which has been recorded to generate a new idea and enter it in the Webscope wiki.

TABLE 5 WILL EXPLICITLY IDENTIFY THE AUTHOR OF EACH CONTRIBUTION. We will use the Webscope wiki as the medium to capture the discussion for clarification of meanings.

Follow these steps to make requests for clarification of a contibution entered by another author:

  • Go to the Discussion tab on the "Round 1" page to see a list of all of the contributions.
  • Click on one of the "Subject" to read an author's contribution.
  • When you read a contribution for which you need to ask a question for clarification, enter your question in the Reply Form on the bottom of the same page as the author's contribution.
  • You need to enter your question in the Message box.
  • Click on "Post" and your question will be posted to the Wiki for this particular author of the subject thread.

If you are the author of a contribution and somebody else is asking for clarification of your contribution, you will be notified by e-mail. You role will be to read the question and answer it by filling out the Reply form and proceed to answer the question posed to you by another participant.

This interactive and iterative discussion for clarification of the meaning of the contibutions is being monitored by the KMT/FT to avoid any violations of the rules of engagement, and recorded automatically in the wiki as it unfolds. In this fashion the group creates in the Webscope wiki a record of their dialogic deliberations.

It will also be summarized and Tabulated by the KMT/FT and sent to each participant electronically as an augmented and amended version of Table 5. You will recievie the new Table 5 before the implementation of Round 3.

PLEASE TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE FOLLOWING STRICT RULE OF ENGAGEMENT: The questions for clarification posed to other authors/stakeholders should not include any "value judgments" about the merits or demerits of any statement. Only questions for clarification of the author's meaning are permitted at this stage of the group work. Furthermore, only the authors have the authority to clarify the meaning of their statements.